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Publication Date: July 8, 2008
Russell "The Voice" Watson is a star with a real story to tell. While most stars of today find success early, Russell was still working in a Salford factory at the age of 30. He spent the evenings singing in working men's clubs clubs for extra cash to keep the bailiffs from his family's door. The chairman of Manchester United gave him his big break in May 1999—the opportunity to sing at Old Trafford. His extraordinary performance was quickly followed by a record deal and his phenomenal debut album. Despite his outward success, Russell has had struggles with his health and family life. His rapid rise to fame led to a bitter divorce from his childhood sweetheart and his private life being splashed across the tabloids. Then last year he was struck down down by a life-threatening brain tumor. This plunged Russell into a deep depression and it was only the thought of leaving his two children fatherless that kept him going. Just when it was thought he was fully recovered he collapsed again while recording and had to have emergency surgery on a second brain tumor that threatened his voice, his sight, and his life. Now, in his own words, Russell tells us the amazing story of his life.
    THE PAPERBACK Publication  -5th MARCH 2009  
Editorial Reviews

"A terrific read...packed full of self-deprecating humour...refreshingly free from self-pity" - Classic FM magazine

"An extraordinary rags to riches story" - Mail on Sunday
"An emotional rags to riches story" - Sunday Times


Looking for a good read? Try Finding my voice by Russell Watson - reviewed here on woman and
Each week we review a different book. Here we review Finding My Voice by Russell Watson, out now in paperback (£18.99, Ebury)

Written while recovering at home from his second brain tumour, Finding My Voice is an emotional and honest behind-the-scenes look into Russell Watson’s rise to fame.
It follows his journey from rags to riches in an inspirational account of how he worked his way from an untrained singing talent to become a bestselling performer, selling over five million albums worldwide.

Watson shares with the reader details of his painful divorce from his childhood sweetheart, his fear after being diagnosed with brain cancer, and his jubilation at finishing his treatment.
It is a thought provoking and insightful account from the singer that will leave you ready to tackle whatever trials and tribulations come your way

                                    Large Print Edition                    

Ulverscroft Large Print Books, 1 Oct 2009 - 380 pages

Russell Watson, 'The Voice', was given his big break in May 1999 when the chairman of Manchester United invited him to sing at Old Trafford. His extraordinary performance was quickly followed by a record deal and his phenomenal debut album. Despite his outward success Russell has faced struggles in his private life, when details of his bitter divorce were splashed across the tabloids, and when he was struck down, not once, but twice, with brain tumors that threatened his voice, his sight and his life. Now he tells how he overcame the odds to become one of Britain's favorite stars.


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